A hot Australian physician finds out this temperamental executive is just what the doctor ordered.


erotic comedy

A full-figured CEO. A former playboy. Who will win the battle of the sexless? A romantic comedy.

Hating her captor is easy. Falling in love with his brother wasn't part of the plan.



Yield to Love


erotic romance


An image consultant to the stars gets more than she bargained for in this extreme makeover.


Africa 1061 A.D. A dead husband. An unconsummated marriage. She needs an heir. Any man will do.

Can a lady bootlegger and a speakeasy owner find love during the Great Depression? 

Rise of a Queen
Pharaoh's Desire

He's the most powerful man in Egypt. She's determined to resist him.



Man at Work

A trilogy featuring the Jones Sisters and the men that fall for them. Each steamy romance centers around the 3Sisters Construction Company.

How much does one night of passion cost? This celebrity athlete can afford  to find out. 

Is a Texas-sized solitaire and a promise to do right enough to get his ex-wife back? 

What do a  washed-up R&B singer, a reality TV show, and a stuffy accountant have in common? More than you think.

A jilted fiancee. A woman-hating radio show host. You know there's bound to be trouble!

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Blueprint for Love

A Hollywood action hero meets his match in the form of a plus-size photographer.